I was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  From the time I was nine years old through high school, I was fortunate to be able to study art with Emily von Auw.  Ms. von Auw was a remarkable teacher who mentored and nurtured dozens of students, many of whom later became professional artists, designers and teachers.  Under her tutelage I learned a wide range of techniques including pastels, water color, oil, wood cut printing, jewelry making, clay modeling and plaster casting.  She had the knowledge and tools on hand necessary for teaching such a wide array of skills.  While earning my degree in business from the University of New Mexico I was able to take elective art classes.  Professionally, I immersed myself in furniture marketing and design development with Knoll International and Litton Business Furniture.  These endeavors taught me the discipline required for moving a product from its conceptual stage through the various iterations required for a successful  finished product.  I follow the same process for creating a piece of abstract sculpture: working from sketches to scale models or 3-D computer drawings to finished product.

I've painted and sketched all of my adult life, mostly to keep my hand and head into art.  Twenty six years ago I started making sculpture.  I taught myself to weld and finish steel.  Since then I've created some one hundred works.

Work -Sculpture

Most of my sculptures are steel.  I fabricated my earlier pieces by welding and finishing sheet steel: either Corten weathering steel or stainless. I allow the weathering steel to rust naturally.  It's an ideal material for outdoor sculpture since it rusts up to a point, developing a rich walnut brown color, and then stops rusting.  The sculpture will never reach the point of deterioration.  Stainless steel, on the other hand, has the unique property of reflecting Sunlight and the surrounding colors of the landscape.  Much of my recent work is also fabricated from steel, but is finished with powder coating - a durable finish for out doors.  More recently, I have introduced the Al.Editions and Bijoux, small sculpture fabricated from aluminum, and most recent from aluminum and glass or aluminum and polycarbonate.

Work - Painting

​My paintings were most recently shown at a solo exhibition in September 2013.  The thematic structure of seven of the paintings shown are based on the golden rectangle.   The geometry for forming the rectangle originated in ancient times.  My treatment of the way the geometry is revealed is my own.

Shows and Exhibitions

1993. Sedona Arizona Sculpture Walk - a juried show featuring the work of 80 artists. Received one of six special juror's awards.

1994. Sedona Sculpture Walk.

1995. Los Alamos, NM Summer Sculpture Exhibition - a juried show. Received one of three juror's awards.

1997. Los Alamos Summer Sculpture Exhibition.

1999. Spring Sculpture Exhibition at Shemer Art Center, Phoenix.

2001. "Big Little Sculpture Exhibition at Shemer.

2002. Two man show with painter Mark Vinci at New Urban Art Gallery - Phoenix.

2003. Biennale Internationale del' Arte Contemporanea, Florence Italy.

2006. International sculpture Biennale,  Palm Beach, Florida. Received Curator's Award as one of the top ten artistes out of 60 artists exhibiting.

2007. Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. Included as part of the Walter Goldschmidt Memorial exhibit of small sculpture.

2008. One man show at the Bridge Gallery, Scottsdale.

2013. Solo exhibition of sculpture and paintings at the Olney Gallery at Trinity Cathedral, Phoenix.

​Public Art

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Criminal Courts, Tempe, Arizona

Central Library Santa Fe, New Mexico

City Park, Durango, Colorado

Representative Galleries

Laura Rathe, Dallas and Houston

Karan Ruhlen, Santa Fe

Gebert Contemporary, Scottsdale

SculptureSite, Glen Ellen, CA

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Background and Work